The ACCÉDIA Group, at your side.

The companies of the ACCÉDIA Group strive to offer services adapted to the needs of professionals and the requirements of users. Training, technical and commercial assistance, custom development and manufacturing, high-performance logistics: everything is done to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and partners.

Years of practice with a demanding clientele allow ACCÉDIA group companies to imagine effective solutions for all situations.

Our engineers are always on the lookout for flawless product development and optimized facility management. Our choices integrate the most recent standards and the most stringent reliability and safety requirements.

Our design offices are attentive to their customers to imagine with them the best tailor-made solutions.

To feed a man one day, give him a fish. To feed him all his life, teach him how to fish.

Lao Tzu

To make you autonomous and save you time, the ACCÉDIA Group trains your technicians on site or in its agencies through practical courses with product handling, on connection, parameter setting, software. You will thus gain in expertise, autonomy and efficiency.

ACCÉDIA relies on the performance of a powerful logistics tool. Based in Val de Reuil in Normandy, ACCÉDIA Services is the group’s logistics hub. More than 3,500 m² of storage with a total capacity of more than 6,000 pallets are available to customers for storage and dispatch anywhere in France in 24/48 hours.

The notion of advice is important because a technician sometimes needs to be assisted before and during an intervention:

  • Informed about a technical documentation
  • Accompanied during diagnosis or troubleshooting (electricity, wiring, electronics, settings …)
  • Advised on the choice of spare parts or accessories
  • Informed of all field ascents and advice that arise from solutions already found and proven
  • Oriented towards the various points of sale of spare parts near its building sites …
  • Helped for the first installation or for an expertise on the building site
  • Assisted during commissioning with parameterization and programming on site.

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Our Quality Commitments

The companies of the ACCÉDIA Group are committed to the most demanding Quality processes in order to offer high-performance products and services adapted to the professions of today and tomorrow.

CERA, TORNADO and ASI are certified ISO9001 Management Systems.

Producing in compliance with the standards in force and offering certified solutions is for us a daily commitment to guarantee an optimal level of performance.

SEPTAM intrusion control units, sirens and transmission systems are certified NF&A2P 3 shields and EN Grade 3.

From design to after-sales service, including the selection of partner offers, the ACCÉDIA Group is committed to maintaining a constant level of Quality, a sine qua none for customer satisfaction.


NF&A2P certified intrusion products


ISO 9001 certified plants


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Quality, Methods and After Sales Service